Who We Are

Executive Health Care Roundtable
A leadership group established by Orange County Chairman Teresa Jacobs to discuss the issue and challenges of health care in our community.
Honorable Teresa Jacobs, Orange County Government
Ross Dickinson, Florida Department of Health in Orange County
Jamal Hakim, MD Orlando Regional Healthcare
Greg Ohe, Orlando Health Central
Lars Houmann, Florida Hospital
Rich Morrison, EMS Steering Committee
Rodger Oxendale, Nemours
PCAN Coordinating Committee
Formed to streamline internal decision-making, enhance entrepreneurship within PCAN’s key initiatives and increase collaboration across groups.
PCAN Chair: Margaret Brennan, President/CEO, Community Health Centers, Inc.
PCAN Vice-Chair: Marni Stahlman, President/CEO, Shepherd’s Hope
PCAN Secretary- Linda Sutherland, Executive Director, Orange County Healthy Start Coalition
PCAN Treasurer- Jerry Kassab, Aspire Health Partners
PCAN Administrator- Rebecca Sayago, Executive Director
PCAN Member at Large- Dr. Bart Rodier, MD, Chief Quality Officer, Orlando Health Central Hospital
PCAN Board Members
Aspire Health Partners [Visit Site]
Community Health Centers, Inc. [Visit Site]
Dental Care Access Foundation [Visit Site]
Florida Healthcare Coalition, Inc. [Visit Site]
Florida Hospital [Visit Site]
Grace Medical Home [Visit Site]
Health Alliance Family Care Center [Visit Site]
Health Central [Visit Site]
Health Council of East Central Florida [Visit Site]
Nemours [Visit Site]
Orange Blossom Family Health [Visit Site]
Orange County Emergency Medical Services [Visit Site]
Orange County Government Health Services Department [Visit Site]
Orange County Health Department [Visit Site]
Orange County Healthy Start Coalition [Visit Site]
Orlando Health [Visit Site]
Pathways to Care, Inc. [Visit Site]
Shepherd’s Hope, Inc. [Visit Site]
SpecialCare of Central Florida [Visit Site]
True Health [Visit Site]
West Orange Healthcare District [Visit Site]
Winter Park Health Foundation [Visit Site]